Life’s Parallel Moments

Before starting this post, I felt the urge to get Cory’s journal from his biking trip.  I like to think the urges are him or God….guiding me, with me as I write, since this blog is obviously focused on him and his last 6 months of life. So, I paid attention to the urge and opened it. “The Wonderful Adventures of Cory (a collection of thoughts)” He wrote on the inside of the front cover…the “title”.

How appropriate is this journal entry from him at the beginning of his bicycle journey— at this point in his leukemia journey story we are at June-ish of 2013…cancer Again, chemo Again, Needing a match, Needing a bone marrow transplant…

“Day ZERO 9/5/09–I feel more unprepared than ever…..It’s really strange to think that I only decided to do this a week ago and it’s already happening. It’s also weird that a week ago I didn’t have anything I needed for this immense journey…. I have absolutely no idea how any of this is going to work out….what I’m going to eat every day, where I will sleep…I don’t even have a tent at this point. None of that concerns me though, for some reason. It’s like the unknowns are feeding me. I know that I have what it takes to make this work, to survive. Strangely, my life is literally the least of my concerns. It’s the people Im leaving behind.  Overall feelings: Excitement, Anticipation, Appreciation, w/undertones of worry about my friends, family.” —Cory Jay Powell, the day before he left on a 6 week bicycle ride across country from Monroe, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona.

cory scenic route

He captioned this photo with “I thought this was the scenic route…” How true.

The parallels are uncanny.

I think I’ll leave this post at that.

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